Green Initiatives

HandCraft Healthcare Linen and Uniform Specialists are environmentally responsible. Our goal is to preserve and be good stewards of natural resources. Through our use of the latest technologies, here are a few ways we minimize our carbon footprint – and yours:

  • We use less than 1/2 gallon of water per pound of linen washed. This saves more than 100 million gallons each year!
  • We use high efficiency, low Nitrogen Oxide boilers to provide steam for our operation.
  • We reclaim heat from our waste water and boiler discharge to warm incoming water for the wash process.
  • Many of our linens are designed to be laundered in lower water temperatures – increasing the usable life of the items. This saves energy and decreases waste.
  • We recycle more than 250,000 pounds of plastic linen bags annually.
  • We recycle more than 275,000 pounds of worn-out linen annually.
  • Our detergents are phosphate-free and we use low-temperature oxygen bleach.
  • Our delivery vehicle fleet is modified to ensure fuel efficiency and use DEF to decrease emissions.

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