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The highest standards for quality and efficiency, coupled with family values, start with our hiring. HandCraft hires carefully, and our employees tend to stay with us.

We think this says a lot about how we treat every person on our team. It also says something about our having the highest standards of safety. This all means you can feel great about the people and processes that lead to the outstanding quality and efficiency you see in your healthcare linens and uniforms. It’s all about being high-tech, with a soft touch.


Larita Davis, HandCraft Services plant team member

Employee Spotlight:  Larita Davis

After more than 30 years, Larita Davis still exemplifies the spirit of HandCraft

Larita Davis applied to work at the HandCraft plant because the restaurant where she was working had closed. HandCraft President Keith Nichols interviewed her, and Larita remembers thinking she wouldn’t get the job because she had no experience. “But,” she said, “Keith took a chance on me, and I will forever be thankful to him for giving me the opportunity to work here.” The year was 1984.

Larita started working on flat sheets and has worked in that department ever since. No other employee in HandCraft’s history has hung more flat sheets than Larita. And she makes sure that the quality of her product is up to our Quality Department’s standards every time.

When Larita thinks back about HandCraft and how it has changed over the years, she says, “Now we are even bigger, better, and cleaner. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the Nichols family.” She says she likes how the Nichols brothers have always worked together.

Larita laughs when she remembers her early years here. She tells this story: “Keith would come by to ask me how things were going. I would say, ‘Good, good.’ Then he would slow the machine because he wanted me to keep up better. A couple of hours later, Jeff Nichols would come by to check on me and would speed back up the machine so we could do more. Sometimes this would happen several times in one day, as both tried to make sure things were just right.”

Larita is an amazing example of the dedication and work ethic of HandCraft’s plant employees. She says she first applied to HandCraft because she wanted a job, but what she gained was a family. It’s because of employees like Larita Davis that HandCraft can deliver the highest quality services and products so efficiently to our customers each day.

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