Hospital & Acute Care

What you want: You represent a hospital, healthcare system, or acute care facility. We get it: You don’t expect to ever worry about the quality of your medical linens and apparel, but you want the best price possible.

Instead, do you always feel your laundry isn’t giving you back what you’ve turned in? Do you have to worry about running short on scrubs or other critical medical linens?

If your hospital has tried owning and managing its own linen and scrubs, you have no doubt encountered the many hidden costs there, including paying personnel for all the tasks associated with purchasing and maintaining linen, as well as frequently replacing it.

Or, you may have found that what seemed to be the low-price provider turned into getting an invoice you couldn’t understand containing every imaginable up-charge, hidden fee and excessively high replacement expenses.

What you get: With HandCraft, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality, best selection, with the most competitive total pricing possible.

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