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delaware healthcare linen

Are you looking for a reliable Delaware healthcare linen and uniform services provider with an excellent product line and a reputation for upholding the highest standards in medical linen and laundry?

HandCraft is your number one choice for specialized medical industry linens and uniforms. We combine modern technology, time-tested expertise, and the highest industry standards in handling crucial linens and garments used in the healthcare industry.

HandCraft provides the widest range of Delaware healthcare linen and uniform services that accommodates healthcare facilities of all sizes.

Our Ambulatory & Primary Care Products & Services include:

  •         Linen Rental
  •        Personalized Uniform Programs
  •         Dust Control
  •         Medical Apparel
  •         Medical Linens
  •         Environmental Products

Our Hospital & Acute Care Products & Services include:

  •         Healthcare Linen Management
  •         Web-Based Linen Tracking
  •        Linen Exchange Cart Service
  •         Hospital Apparel
  •         Environmental Products
  •         Hospital Linens

We specialize in the medical industry.

HandCraft specializes in the care and management of linens and uniforms used in the healthcare industry. We have streamlined our operations to deliver the best and most consistent quality of products and services for the healthcare industry, having earned badges of compliance and accreditation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), The Joint Commission (TJC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other state regulatory standards. We also implement the highest standards in the industry in handling critical care linens and uniforms, eliminating risks for cross-contamination while ensuring seamless, efficient delivery of services. Each item from HandCraft uses copper-infused fabrics for superior antimicrobial capacities and is embedded with RFID tracking chips for ease in inventory management.

Get the highest quality Delaware healthcare linen and uniform services for your facility!

HandCraft delivers topnotch solutions and impressive results for healthcare facilities of all sizes. We provide the best for you so you can deliver the best to your patients. Our standards on cleanliness and expert experience in medical linen management is unmatched by any other Delaware healthcare linen and uniform services.  

Give HandCraft a call today at 804-358-8671 to speak with one of our linen experts!

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